Martin Niklas Wieser's unique aesthetic is informed by an investigation of proportion and silhouette. Wieser is inspired by the human body, the shapes it forms in conjunction with clothes, technology, and it’s aggressive interference in privacy and identity. In the collection, he breaks cultural codes and makes us question what we see. He references subcultural contexts and wants us to not only take a close look but also ask why we see and feel the way we do. What is luxury today? How can we live in a world that is burning and still buy into the ideas capitalism offers? How can we as individuals as well as a society hold the tension between wanting to create something new and being aware of the impact our behaviour has?

Martin Niklas Wieser sees his brand as a field of experimentation to examine these questions. He uses a common vocabulary to explore the edges of the brand's universe. Nothing is fixed. Everything seems possible. The work is a collective effort to formulate a different vision.

Always in flux. Never still.
Always questioning.

The collections consist of ready-to-wear luxury garments free of gendered connotations or class. Designed in Vienna and made in Italy by small manufacturers, Martin Niklas Wieser commits to promoting a healthy, human-scale economy by building a transparent supply chain.

Martin Niklas Wieser studied fashion design at Weisensee Art Academy Berlin before joining the Royal College of Art London for a research study program. After launching and closing his brand for the first time in 2015, he worked as a designer for Proenza Schouler, Nicolas Andreas Taralis and as a trend consultant with MyTheresa China. He is inspired by his working-class background, the mundane regularity of the working-class reality as well as the inescapable juxtaposition between catering to a capitalist society and an aim to create a different future.